Estimating the cost of building an app.

App development can be costly, therefor it’s important to understand the key drivers involved, this will help you make cost-effective decisions and receive the best return on investment for your budget.

Mobile apps are quickly becoming an integral part of most businesses.   In a recent study conducted by the Harvard Business School, researchers found that Americans spend more than three hours per day on their mobile devices.

Most app development shops or agencies will explain how they go about estimating the cost of a mobile app, if a client is comparing one development shop against another this does not give the client the background needed to make their own assessment of each estimate.


Simply listing the features of an app only tell part of the story.   We suggest sitting down with the development company and without getting technical or to detailed, explain the purpose of the app.   Describe a few User Stories, make sure the project manager understands completely what the app is intended to do and the target audience.

In-order to compare estimates(apples-to-apples), ideally, you should present each development company with written requirements and wireframes.   The requirements and wireframes should include all features and user stories.   A good development company will offer to create these documents and provide different approaches and suggest improvements to the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) where appropriate.

Your decision to create a mobile app is fantastic, we fell that apps can communicate, provide information and features better then any other digital tool.

If you are looking for a development team to design and build your app on the iPhone or Android platforms, we hope you will give us the chance to earn your business.

Rick Richard
Founder, Groove Development