Native iOS/iPhone App vs. Web App - Which is right for you?

A common question when deciding to create and develop an app is Native Apps vs. Web Apps.

Native Apps are designed specifically for a particular device and operating system. It is downloaded and installed directly on that device.

Web Apps however are dynamic mobile websites designed to look like as close to a Native app as possible. Web apps are accessible by browser navigation or adding a shortcut to your mobile desktop. Web apps do not require downloading and storing on a mobile app, but do require internet connectivity.

So which solution is the best solution for you? Here's a comparison of key attributes to better help you decide.

User Experience

Native Apps provide the best user experience; they are fast, responsive and are usually feature rich. Web Apps require a constant Internet connect and generally have lag when accessing features. It is also difficult for web apps to persist user data such as login info, preferences, etc.

App Accessibility

Native App users get an app that is designed to take advantage of all the hardware and features of the device, such as its camera, contacts and etc.

Web Apps are usually more limited in their access to the device's features, this is one of the biggest disadvantages to web apps.

App Development Cost

There is a misconception that Native App development cost more then a Web App. However, when the cost of Web app development is totaled, including the lower features access, no offline access and less of a user experience and tweaks needed to make the web app look and work reasonable on iPhone browsers vs. Android browser, the cost are about the same.


Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both approaches is the key to making the right choice. In some cases it may come down to budget or required quality. Either way we are here to help and answer all your questions.

Send us an email and ask your questions or describe your app needs and we will provide a timely response.

-- Rick Richard
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